About Smoothie Sailor Australia

Elle at Smoothie Sailor AustraliaHi! I’m Elle, an Australian smoothie making mum of 2. I grew up in Holland, on very-well-boiled kale and potato, carrot and potato, sauerkraut and potato, and many other things with potato.

Nothing against potato, I love you, humble earth dweller, but I’ve always felt there must be more to food than mashing it with potato. That’s where smoothies come in!

I want food to be:

  • real
  • energising
  • yum
  • affordable
  • easy

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Smoothie Sailor’s Mission:

To separate the yum from the yuck and the good from the bad.

What smoothie goodness you’ll find here

  • Smoothie and appliance reviews & recipes so you never have to waste ingredients or drink something resembling dog’s breakfast again.
  • A focus on energy and wellbeing, not weight loss. No diets in sight people, no calorie counting, no daily weigh-ins and no lose-42-kilo’s-in-a-week schemes. 
  • Reviews of ‘superfoods’ and protein powders to see what works and what doesn’t; what’s worth it and what’s not
  • Book reviews so you know which to buy and which aren’t worth your time.
  • Blender comparison and reviews – no more lumpy smoothies (that’s ‘yuck’ material)

What you won’t find on Smoothie Sailor

  • Dishonesty. All reviews are my honest opinion and I will never recommend anything I wouldn’t use myself or believe in 100%.
  • Anything with bad additives. I believe today’s illnesses are caused by harmful ingredients in our food and our skin care. For the love of health, do not slather yourself, or your kids, in chemicals. Make your own (Rose & Cocoa Moisturising Lotion Bars, anyone?) or use totally natural, body compatible skin care like the stuff Nourished Life and Biome carry. 
  • Anything expensive that’s not worth it. My Dutch heritage compels me to save money, not spend money. We ate flower bulbs during the war and haven’t forgotten about it.

Weird Fact #1:  those potato mash dishes are actually traditional Dutch fare. I bet many Dutch kids grew up on those. Kale & potato is known as Boerenkool, and carrot and potato is Hutspot.

What I wanted to be when I grew up

And yes, I have grown up. I’m super-sensible now. Having kids totally changed my life. I went from Wild Wilma to Careful Carrie overnight – *shock horror*

I wanted to be Fawn, the animal-helper fairy from Tinkerbell. Whilst I was figuring out how to become a fairy, I decided to be the next best thing – a vet and a vegetarian. I was forever ‘fixing’ animals with herbs, flowers, mud…. Much appreciated no doubt.

Long story short, it didn’t work out. I studied tourism instead (since veterinary science and tourism are closely related), worked in Spain, worked in Germany, went backpacking in Australia, met my husband in the most remote, unlikely place, moved to a pinprick rural town with 200 people and made the new inhabitant number 204 (me, hubs and 2 baby girls).

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