Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible – Robin Donovan

Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible – Robin Donovan Taking control of your healthy lifestyle and making simple, delicious recipes go hand-in-hand with The Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible! With tasty recipes that help to detoxify, protect, replenish, and revitalize, this book maps out a healthy weight-loss regimen using the very best of kitchen appliances. Nutri-blender smoothies and soups make use of the most nutritious parts of your fruits and vegetables—from fiber to essential nutrients and minerals—that regular juicing tosses in the trash.

The Nutri-Blender Recipe Bible is the all-in-one resource for easy-to-follow, flavorful recipes that lead to a healthier you. Never miss an opportunity to use your nutri-blender again with this amazing collection of nourishing, energizing, and flavorful soups and smoothies!


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