Changing Habits, Changing Lives Book

Changing Habits, Changing Lives Book Do you REALLY know what you’re putting on your fork?

Just like the fork on the front cover, today’s food is also twisted – twisted by lies and deceit into a gruesome mess that is called ‘healthy food’… that leaves you unsatisfied, unmotivated, unhealthy, suffering various ailments including gut issues, fatigue, skin issues, to name but a few and most of the time… OVERWEIGHT.

This book will give you the good habits you need to eat well and flourish, when most modern-day processed ‘food’ is determined to drag you down.

You will discover how to:

- Easily prepare your home space to embrace a new way of eating and living
- Quickly and simply choose the best possible version of a food
- Cut through the food label jargon for good
- Confidently maintain your new good habits for life
…all while feeling brighter, lighter and better each step of the way and shedding those unwanted ailments!


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