Never clean a juicer again? Yes Please JuiSir!

Froothie Australia, known for their awesome blenders, juicers and other kitchen machines, have just released the Juisir! This juicer uses an innovative fruit and vegetable bag which is inserted into the juicer – no more messy filters to clean. Check out the video below of pineapple juice – she seems to struggle a little to get the bag into the Juisir, but once it’s in the machine it’s pretty impressive!

My Froothie Optimum 9400 blender with big & small jug

My Froothie Optimum 9400 blender with big & small jug

I’m using a MOD slow press juicer at the moment; upgrading from a Breville high speed juicer. It’s rather awesome, but I do wish I’d gone with Froothie’s Optimum juicers. I have a Froothie Optimum 9400 blender and the power is just amazing. No wonder they have 679 reviews, at 4.9 out of 5 on!

*Edit 2/3/19 – I have now upgraded to a Vitamix 750! Read the review

I’ve got the handy 750ml jug, which is pretty well all I use now. The big jug sits in the pantry waiting for pumpkin soup. My MOD juicer is pretty sweet too; I’m happy I moved to a slow press juicer, but I find it doesn’t do too well with things like kale and celery.

I chop those stringy veg pretty small, but still find lots of it gets clogged up. A lot of this may well be due to the fact that I can’t seem to get the filter clean enough. It comes with this little toothbrush look-a-like, and I scrub like a madwoman, but instead of getting the bits out, the bristles from the toothbrush go (and stay) in….

So, for that reason, I’m regretting not going for the Froothie. Their blenders are top notch; I’m betting the juicer would have been the same. Anyway, I now have my eye on the new Juisir. I’m loving the idea of never have the clean the dang thing ever again. Get up in the morning, stumble into the kitchen…. Of course I fully organised my veggie bag the night before! In my dreams I did just that anyway… Grab the bag from the fridge, stick it in the Juisir and voila…. Sweet Juisir! Click now to check out the JuiSir

Did I mention Froothie says you can use the environmentally friendly juisir bag 1000 times? Now, the one down side I can see, is that you need to chop your fruit and veg. A lot. Froothie mentions:

Chop fruit and vegetables into pieces roughly the size of a dollar coin for maximum yield. Put about 300g-350g (0.7lb-0.8lb) raw products per bag, you can get approximate 200-250ml (6.8oz-8.5oz) juice.

Yep. The size of a dollar coin. That’s pretty little. With Froothie’s fantastic 30 day satisfaction guarantee however, I’d love to give it a go. In the video above they aren’t chopping the vegetables that small, and it really leaves hardly anything, the pulp looks as dry as it could be. My practical husband of course came up with the one thing I did not think of: “You’d have to clean the bag though, right?”. Yeah, I suppose you would need to clean the bag if you use the re-usable silicon bag. Otherwise use the single use ones.

Registrations of interest & pre-orders are open now, at $645 (down from $1100), and stock is said to arrive in June. That’s a saving of $455! Click here to find out more about JuiSir or Froothie’s other products.