Isowhey High Protein High Carb Review – Chocolate [Is It ANY Good?]

Now, before I launch into my review of Isowhey High Protein High Carb protein powder, I should really inform you that my only qualification as an ‘endurance athlete’ is that I’m a mum…. If you’re a mum also, you’ll know that we certainly FEEL like endurance athletes sometimes, but actual exercise doesn’t seem to happen as often as we’d like it to.

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Isowhey High Protein High Carb Review

Isowhey-high-protein-high-carb-descriptionHigh Protein, High Carb for endurance athletes. A high protein, high carbohydrate formula designed specifically for athletes with increased energy demands. Featuring a triple protein blend of premium whey protein concentrate and isolate plus casein for when exercise demands are high.

Fast-acting carbohydrate waxy maize starch delivers energy when it’s needed, plus high-dose amino acids for elite athletes who require a formula to support elevated nutritional needs

Packaging of Isowhey High Protein High Carb


You see, the packaging of this protein actually makes you feel like you could possibly, maybe BE an endurance athlete. It’s sleek. And shiny. And it really is kind of fast. It has super cool pictures of people on pushbikes, people running, and I think somebody in a row boat. The container I purchased is huge; a whopping 1.2kg.

This was not sent to me for free in return for a review, I purchased this straight from the Isowhey Sports website.

Their Sports website is separate from the ‘standard’ Isowhey website, for extra special people like us. The Sports website is rather inspiring as well. An action shot of an awesomely well-built guy swimming his heart out, promoting ‘optimal performance nutrition’; yes!

One note though, you can actually get this protein much cheaper on eBay, from $38.95 including postage for the 1.2kg! 

Why on Earth did I buy Isowhey High Protein High Carb?

Isowhey-high-protein-high-carb-macrosIn this day and age when most people are looking for low-carb foods, it may seem crazy to specifically go for a high protein, high carb supplement. My reasoning for this is that I’ve struggled to get enough nutrition on a daily basis for years.

I struggle to find foods that don’t upset my tummy. To find food that suits me (as a vegetarian), the kids and the husband without cooking 4 different dinners every night. To find something to encourage me to have breakfast and not just wait to eat until dinner because I’m so busy looking after other people, I totally forget about feeding my own body.

And to find a food that stops me passing out during a weightlifting workout. Basically, I needed a super-easy nutrition boost.

Isowhey High Protein High Carb does all those things.

Per serve, it provides:

  • 22.3g of protein
  • 14.6g of carbs
  • vitamins
  • minerals
  • amino acid
  • probiotics

How much does Isowhey High Protein High Carb help?

Isowhey-high-protein-high-carb-vitaminsWell, upon calculating my macro nutrient intake, it helps but is not the end-all be-all.

For a 34 year old female weighing 50kg and being 1.65m tall, with the goal being ‘maintenance’ (instead of the preferred ‘muscle gain’), and with an activity level of ‘very active’ (moderate exercise and active job) this is what is recommended:

  • Carbs: 203g per day
  • Protein: 135g per day
  • Fats: 50g per day

One serve of Isowhey High Protein High Carb provides me with:

  • Carbs: 14.6g per day
  • Protein: 22.3g per day
  • Fats: 2g per day

See, it’s actually not that high in carbs at all! It’s a good protein boost, but it’s still only 1/6th of the recommended daily intake.

Putting it into perspective though, this is a great protein boost when you compare it to other breakfast foods:

So what does Isowhey High Protein High Carb taste like?

Isowhey-high-protein-high-carb-scoopYes, onto the important stuff, does it taste any good? Well, yes, it does. Isowhey High Protein High Carb is one of the few protein powders I’ve actually used up, and even bought another tub. That’s very rare. The other one is Isowhey Ivory Coast Chocolate. Ivory Coast actually tastes better than this one, but I’m planning an article comparing nutrition etc. of the two, which I will link here once finished. serve is 50g, which is a scoop and a half. It really is a ‘scoop and a half’ too, this is a massive serve. You add it to 200ml of water, milk or milk substitute and when you consider the powder itself came up to the 100ml mark on the sports bottle, that’s a lot of powder versus liquid!



Looks like lumps, is not. My photography skills to blame!

Nope! No drama’s blending in; this powder dissolves perfectly without lumps. Thank goodness for no lumps! It smells chocolatey. The texture is very thick like a thick milkshake, not quite a thick shake, but thick nonetheless. It is smooth and goes down easily with the soy milk I used.

The initial taste is rather yum, not overwhelmingly chocolatey, but subtle and not too sweet. After the first sip however, I was hit with an after taste, which was, for a lack of a better description, seaweedy.

Subsequent sips were much better, but for me, this is still a bit of a necessary evil; better to just scull it back and get it over and done with which is not hard when there’s only 200ml of liquid. It’s just not a ‘sip on the veranda with a straw’ type drink.

Does Isowhey High Protein High Carb keep you going?

Totally. One serve of this with soy milk kept me feeling full and energised until past lunchtime! The energy boost is rather great actually, so I can put up with a bit of a funny taste for that benefit.

And the tummy?

Well, no tummy upset as such, but there was the occurrence of ‘number 3’s’. I actually remember this from when I was drinking this ‘full time’; number 3’s were the case then too, but only for a couple of days. It seems the body needs a couple of days to get used to this protein. Once I drank this for a few days there was no sensitivity or upset.

Pros and cons of this Isowhey High Protein High Carb Review


  • High nutritional valueIsowhey-high-protein-high-carb-ingredients
  • Sporty packaging in a sturdy container with a properly sealing lid. I like that the container can be reused for all sorts of things including food storage.
  • $62.50 for 1.2kg is not too bad, considering Amazonia’s Raw Slim & Tone was $43.70 for 500g. You can actually get this from $38.95 on eBay!
  • Huge range of vitamins and minerals
  • Added probiotics L. acidophilus and B. lactis + enzyme mix
  • Full range of amino acids
  • Pretty good taste compared to other proteins
  • Mixes easily into liquid. No lumps
  • Great fuel for workouts or just starting the day


  • The initial aftertaste after the first sip – a bit seaweedy
  • I feel like a bit of an imposter drinking this as I’m not an endurance athlete
  • It’s dairy-based and I’d so dearly find a nice protein that’s veggie based (Update – I found it! 180 Nutrition’s veggie-based protein is now my holy grail of protein powders!)
  • Huge serving size so there’s only 24 serves in a 1.2kg container
  • If I haven’t used it for a while it tends to bring on ‘number 3’s’ nearly instantly

Let me know if you’ve tried Isowhey Sports High Protein High Carb, and what you thought of it in the comments below!

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