50 grams a Day for the Best Poos Ever – The Good Mix That’ll Get You Going

I’ve just added the water to my 50 grams of Blend 11 and boy do those seeds love swimming! I can actually hear them coming alive, sounding like Snap, Crackle and Pop. I’m not imaging it – I thought that maybe, just maybe, I was hearing the ocean (since I was holding the bowl to my ear like a shell), but it really is those little seeds coming alive, releasing their enzymes so we can digest them and make energy, good poos and clear skin. Just some of the benefits of this mix called Blend 11.

I admit that I’m not a breakfast person. I dream of being a breakfast person, yes. My day dreams have me getting up at 5 (jumping up even!), grabbing a bowl of awesome-nutritious-something before I go to stand-up-paddle-board-yoga. Reality is that I often don’t remember to eat because of school rush and feeding everyone else. Now though, at least grabbing a bowl of awesome-nutritious-something is easy; Hello GoodMix!

Check out this tempting little number of Chia seeds, Almonds, Pepitas, Coconut, Buckwheat, Flaxseed, Sesame Seed, Goji Berries, Raw Cacao Nibs, puffed Amaranth and puffed Millet – how easy is it to add this to a smoothie, or just plonk some on some yoghurt! By the way, has anyone else ever had the feeling that ‘Puffed Millet’ sounds a bit like profanity? “You forgot to soak your seeds? Oh you Puffed Millet!”.)

Now that’s actually 50 grams of mix, which added up to a fair bit more than 2 tablespoons (the recommended serving size), but I realised afterwards that the serving size is 50g of activated mix. I’m planning on creating some different recipes using Blend11, and once my seeds have soaked overnight I will post an updated photo of how much 50 grams is in imagery. Kids like the packaging too which is really good, and the ‘Best Poos Ever’ had them in stitches. As Poo-Talk does at this age….

GoodMix Superfood Blend11 Australia

Please do soak your seeds. I’ve posted a video below in which Jeanie and Brett, founders of GoodMix, explain why and how to soak your seeds. As Jeanie mentioned, some customers reported back that they were experiencing upset tummies or constipation, which prompted Jeanie to ask whether they were soaking their seeds. They weren’t. (Puffed Millets?!) Soaking your seeds makes a world of difference – it makes them actually available to your body, preventing them from passing through without stopping like a speed train.

Worse still, they can actually absorb water from your own bodily system which can leave you constipated, feeling bloating and gutilly (that’s a made-up word for in-your-gut) upset. Likely culprits: Chia Seeds and Flax Seeds. Introduce water and these speed trains turn into nutritious powerhouses that want to have a never-ending-nourishment-party in your gut; you’re kick starting the germination process which releases enzymes to benefit your digestive system, and you’re unlocking a huge amount of nutrients that are actually available.

How good are you are reading sideways? I’d like to say I’m keeping you on your toes, but the reality is that the photo just will not turn.

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Disclosure: This awesome 800g pack was sent to me by Jeanie and Brett from GoodMix. Not specifically for a review, but voluntarily (thanks again guys!) in response to an article I’m working on in collaboration with smoothie experts. My opinions are honest and never influenced by anything or anyone. This as a fair-dinkum Aussie business with a great product which is genuinely good for you. Want to grab yourself some Blend11, Pondwater (I’m gonna have to try this one with a name like that!!! How many of you are going to make my Pondwater Smoothie? Dare ya!) or Ball Bags? Visit GoodMix and buy your superfood mixes online, or check out who stocks the GoodMix range.

I know I haven’t talked about the taste yet – this will come. I figured I’d save time by typing my story while they soak. I’ll be back with another story on how this stuff tastes + recipes, I promise. I can hear you asking whether I’ll be back with a poo-report. Yeah, why not, let’s-talk-about-poo-baby!

GoodMix Superfood Blend11 Australia