How to Make your Own Quark Cheese Australia

I grew up in Holland where quark is huge. Well, maybe not huge, but my favourite cake in the world is made with it. And I haven’t had Dutch quark cake since I left Holland in 2003 so in my mind it is the absolute ultimate of cakes. Called kwark taart in Dutch, my mum made this for every birthday, with gelatine sheets and I got to help her – great memories!

Quark is actually a German type of soft cheese and the best for making desserts. In Germany they make a quark ‘taart’ also, called Kasekuchen. You can use quark for so many things; smoothies, cakes, breakfast, on its own, with jam, with herbs…. Try it with hot cherries from a jar! And maybe add a waffle or 2.

Green Living Australia shares this fantastic, easy to make, quark recipe on their website; find it here: Make your Own Quark Cheese