5 Best Green Smoothies – Yummy and Healthy

Green smoothies can be hit and miss – some, like my Spinach Kale Super Smoothie, are beautiful and sweet, but others can be bitter or overly green. A good blender is a must for green smoothies; you don’t want any green ‘bits’ + the finer you can chop your food the easier it is to digest.

Green veggie smoothie at Taste.com.au

  1. Green Veggie Smoothie (From Taste.com.au)

This is a green smoothie packed full of goodness, and yummy enough so even the kids love it. It features spinach and kale – a whole cup of each, + celery, apple, pear & banana. You can substitute the greens and the fruit in this smoothie recipe with any produce that’s in season, on special or to your liking.

Beginner's Luck green smoothie From 100daysofrealfood.com

2. Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie (From 100daysofrealfood.com)

This recipe features some of the best tips I’ve seen for making green smoothies, such as freezing your fruit and veg instead of adding ice cubes, ratios of greens to fruit, suggestions for liquids to add, and their 60/40 formula – find out more on their website (above). This ‘Beginner’s Luck Green Smoothie’ has 2 whole cups of spinach, mango, pineapple and banana.

The Best Green Smoothie - Light, mild, and creamy, this sweet green smoothie is perfect for everyone (especially if you're scared of drinking green things!) - ilovevegan.com #smoothie #greensmoothie #vegan3. The Best Green Smoothie (From Ilovevegan.com)

I Love Vegan is a beautiful site with awesome tips and vegan resources. This green smoothie is a gem, and very versatile to adapt to suit your preferences. Brittany is an engaging writer and the photo’s are absolutely stunning! This really is one of the best green smoothie recipes out there; visit their website for the full recipe.

It includes almond or soy milk, 1-2 handfuls of spinach (or other green), banana’s, dates, peanut butter and hemp hearts. I learned something too! Hemp hearts, which I hadn’t heard of, are shelled hemp seeds. You can buy these at specialist Hemp shops, such as Hempfoods.com.au or at ShopNaturally.com.au*.

4. Super Healthy Fall Harvest Smoothie (From Kudos Kitchen By Renee on Yummly)

I love this green smoothie recipe because it’s a bit different; it has the standard spinach/kale green base, but add pumpkin puree. The recipe recommends canned pumpkin puree, but I’ve made this recipe with left-over roasted pumpkin, and left-over roasted sweet potato and both were delicious. This green smoothie would work well with any cooked yams too, or raw sweet potato.

The other ingredients include banana, apple, chia seeds and lemon juice. Water is the liquid base, but can be swapped with any fruit or veggie juice, coconut water or milk. Follow the link above for the full recipe.

Stegosaurus Green Smoothie by Tinned Tomatoes

5. Stegosaurus Green Smoothie (From tinnedtomatoes.com)
The name is what attracted me first to this green smoothie; what kid wouldn’t like a Stegosaurus for breakfast? It uses spinach, cucumber, mint, banana and wheat grass powder for extra punch and is beautiful and light. With a base of apple juice it is sweet enough for the pickiest smoothie drinker among us, as well as being packed full of goodness. Visit Tinned Tomatoes for the full recipe.

Any smoothie can be adjusted to suit your preference; add some honey or other sweetener if you like, swap kale and spinach for other greens, use any fruit juice or coconut water instead of plain water as base – go ‘nuts’!

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