DIY Laundry Freshener Recipe | Biome Green Cleaning

Rain has been coming down by the bucket load; the result of the tail end of a cyclone that fizzled out but created a nice big low over northern Queensland. I love the rain; everything is green, plants are growing like crazy and I can sit in my nice-and-dry office and watch it happen.

One thing I don’t love about rain is laundry. I don’t have a dryer, preferring to just hang clothes under the house to dry. Usually that works perfectly fine, but when it rains and the humidity is up, clothes stay kind of moist. And stinky.

Homemade Laundry Freshener

For some reason, when it’s humid, clothes don’t smell good. I said goodbye to harsh chemicals quite a few years ago so commercial laundry softeners and fresheners are out. Thankfully there’s some great recipes for homemade laundry softeners and fresheners, including this one from Biome Australia.

Biome is one of my favourite websites for everything sustainable and homemade. They have a huge range of base ingredients, to make your own laundry products, skin care, cheeses, beeswax wraps and so much more. Their blog is awesome!

This laundry freshener only uses 3 ingredients, super simple, and you can get the ingredients at Biome. It is totally safe, natural, and will leave your laundry smelling beautiful.

Check out the recipe here:   DIY Laundry Freshener Recipe | Biome Green Cleaning