Can you really use essential oils in food?

Depending on the purity of your essential oils, you can indeed use them beneficially in food! You’ll want to be looking at 6-star rated essential oils only. There are a lot of websites and businesses, claiming that their essential oils are ‘all natural’ or ‘100% pure’. How do you know which essential oils are safe in food?

Thankfully, there is a certified rating for essential oil; from 1 star to 6 stars. One star is the lowest, made of synthetic ingredients. A six star rating is only for the very best, organic, fully pure essential oils. Certified organic produce is used for production, and stringent management systems guarantee purity. Twenty8’s range is certified by ACO (Australian Certified Organic).

Australia’s Twenty8 offers only essential oils with 6 star rating. They offer single oils, such as Mandarin, Sage, Black Pepper and Lime, as well as Synergy Blends, such as ‘Vigour and Spice‘, ‘Immune Boost‘, and ‘Detox and Strengthen‘.

Recipes with Essential Oils

Here are 5 recipes from Twenty8 using essential oils






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