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  • Kombucha-in-brewing-jar|smoothiesailor.com.au How to Kombucha – Instructions for when your SCOBY arrives

    SCOBY stands for Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast. Your SCOBY should come with starter tea, which is alread-brewed Kombucha Tea, packed full of beneficial bacteria and yeast, and it will kick start your brewing process. Kombucha Brewing vessel I

Kombucha - Natures gift to us. Quite possibly one of the easiest health drinks you can brew yourself, and it doesn't cost a lot either. Naturally fermented at home, Kombucha contains those awesome good bacteria that make our gut happy. And a happy gut is happy body, happy mind. Brewing Kombucha provides you with billions of beneficial microorganism. Read about SCOBY arrival instructions. Buy organic SCOBY at NourishMeOrganics Australia. 

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