World’s Largest Smoothie: Dutchies break world record

Largest Smoothie in the World

On Sunday, July the 2nd, the record for the Guinness Record of World’s Largest Smoothie was taken from Cabot Creamery (USA). It’s now in the hands of an enthusiastic group of Dutch volunteers that organise the yearly market in Nibbixwoud, the Netherlands. Their smoothie was an amazing 4030 liters!

How many strawberries does it take for the World’s Largest Smoothie

The crew aimed to make a 4000 liter smoothie. For this, they needed:

  • 180 liter Orange Juice
  • 900 kilo strawberries
  • 600 kilo bananas
  • 35 kilo honey
  • 180 kilo ice
  • 2500 liter yoghurt
  • 70 kilo sugar

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How do you make the World’s Largest Smoothie

It took months of preparation and communication to get the permits together but the volunteers made it, and achieved an amazing record with the world’s biggest smoothie now in their hands, at 4030 liters. The 60 volunteers achieved this in only 5 hours, from 10am to 3pm.

Volunteers were divided into several group to keep it all running smooth; a cleaning crew, cutting crew, blending crew, sales crew and supply crew. They were wearing different hats so it was clear which station they were part of, and each crew had their own work station.

Rules for the Guinness Record of World’s Largest Smoothie

  • Ingredients must include yoghurt and fruit
  • Other ingredients can be added, but only with permission from Guinness World Records
  • The world’s largest smoothie must be served in 1 big container
  • The measurements of the container must be exact
  • The volume of the world’s largest smoothie must be measured by someone who specialises in measurements
  • The number of participants, and the number of hours, must be documented.
  • It has to be in a public place, and all ingredients must be prepared at that place
  • The smoothie must be edible, and has to conform to hygiene standards.

Previous World’s Largest Smoothie Record

The previous record for the World’s Largest Smoothie was held by Cabot Creamery Cooperative from the USA. They made a smoothie of 3785.41 liter during the Florida Strawberry Festival on the 3rd of March 2017. 

Cabot Creamery held the title in 2013 as well, but was robbed of the title by McGill University in 2015. Cabot Creamery made the largest Macaroni and Cheese in 2010 (1120kg) and the largest grilled cheese in 2000 (145kg)

Who’s breaking the World’s Largest Smoothie record

There’s a group of enthusiastic volunteers (Stichting Jaarmarkt Nibbixwoud) in Nibbixwoud, the Netherlands. They organise a yearly market which is more like a party for the whole region. There’s jumping castles, lemonade stands, stunts by the fire department…. A great yearly happening for all.

This is the second time they’ve enter a word record attempt; the first was the biggest pancake in 1980. The pancake had a diameter of 3.81 meter!

Why are they making the World’s Largest Smoothie

One aim is to entice kids to eat enough fruits and to live a healthy lifestyle. A smoothie is a great way to achieve that goal. However, there’s another goal.

This year, the group is doing it for the Ronald McDonald House, a non-profit organisation that helps seriously ill children have their families close to them in times of serious illness. As the volunteers state: “When your child is sick, you want to be as close to them as possible. When you child has a handicap, you want him or her to do as many of the same things as their peers”. Ronald McDonald House has been helping kids and their families for over 30 years.

Proceeds of the World’s Largest Smoothie

After making the biggest smoothie in the world and attaining the World Record, the smoothie was sold for 1 euro per glass, 5 euro per bottle or 15 euro for a bucket.

Nibbixwoud’s World’s Largest Smoothie record will likely be approved by an international jury within 6 weeks.