Introducing the new Greenstar Pro Juicer – Save $200 – Video

Introducing the new Greenstar Pro Juicer! This baby will juice anything; carrots, wheatgrass, pine needles, apples… And makes other delicious foods such as baby foods, nut butters and sorbets. And you’re saving $200 at the moment!

Greenstar-juicer-stainless-gearsWatch the video below to see the amazing all stainless steel, jumbo twin gears in action. I’ve currently got a Mod juicer which I’m pretty happy with, but cleaning the screen is a pain. One question I had about the Greenstar juicer is whether they’d be easier to clean.

And, although the Greenstar juicer looks easier to clean as a whole, the pesky little filter is still the same. Tommy from Rawblend (in the video below) recommends scrubbing it really well for a couple of minutes with the special brush. That’s pretty much what I do with my Mod juicer, but I never seem to be able to get it 100% clean. Which is okay I guess, it still juices fine, but I hoped the Greenstar juicers had a different system.

The Greenstar Pro is a juicer of juice-bar quality (5 years warranty for home-use!), so you would expect it to be exceptional quality and something you purchase for many years to come.

greenstar-juicer-pro-australia-tamper-holderThe design looks like it would cope with certain fruits and veg a lot better than your ‘regular’ slow/masticating juicer (like my Mod). My Mod struggles with pears and soft fruits in particular; they get all squished up no worries, but then go round and round without actually becoming juice and coming out the juice end like they’re supposed to.

A lot of that is the pesky filter’s fault, but the design plays a major part also. Watch the video below for a demo and be sure to visit Rawblend’s website for more info and other great videos and recipes!

Transcript and video introducing the Greenstar Pro Juicer by Tribest.

Source: Introducing the new Greenstar Pro Juicer – Video – Raw Blend