Genius Way to Juice Watermelon with a Stick Blender and 5 ways to use it

I just came across a most genius way to juice watermelon! My mum used to do something like this with pumpkins; her pumpkin soup served inside the pumpkin always impressed visitors (and saved washing a pot!).

How to juice watermelon with a stick blender

So this guy has thought of a pretty clever way to juice a watermelon with a stick blender. All you need is a cookie cutter, a knife and a stick blender.

The cookie cutter part looks a little awkward, but I think a few taps with a wooden spoon will have it going through okay. The guy’s name is Alton Brown and he’s a food scientist and former host of Good Eats. I just Googled that as I’d never heard of it. If you’re like me; it’s an American foodie TV show, hosted by…. you guessed it – our Watermelon hero above.

Show us the video!


5 ways to use your watermelon juice

1. Turn it into a watermelon juice smoothie


Add some blackberries and blueberries, a dash of honey and a few mint leaves and blend it inside the watermelon for a delicious smoothie. Some big stainless straws and you’ve got a smoothie for a crowd. If watermelon smoothies aren’t your thing, have a look at my other smoothie recipes!

2. Bring the whole watermelon to a party

Replace the top ‘hat’ and take the whole juiced watermelon to a party, or to the park for the kids. A great hydrating healthy drink.

3. Turn it into a watermelon cocktail


Add vodka, lime juice, syrup and a mint leaf for an addictive cocktail. Serve it in the watermelon itself with ice, or remove the juice and serve in individual glasses

4. Freeze!

Use the juice as is, or strain it through a sieve. Pour into icecube moulds or trays and freeze. Frozen watermelon cubes are great to have in your freezer; add them to smoothies for a refreshing boost. It keeps your smoothie nice and cold too! Alternatively, add some frozen cubes to your drink bottle for a nutrient-sipper.

5.  Turn into watermelon sorbet

Add sugar, water and lemon juice and turn your watermelon into a yummy sorbet. Check out the Watermelon Sorbet recipe at Genius Kitchen.

There’s a little roadside vegetable and fruit stall just 5km from my house and they have some amazing watermelons for sale. Quite possibly the biggest watermelons I’ve ever seen, and homegrown!

My girls love choosing which watermelon comes home with us – along with its mates; tomatoes, zucchini. I do adore homegrown veggies! I hope you enjoy this ‘Genius way juice watermelon’ and don’t forget to check out my coupons page for awesome discounts at Aussie retailers.