Boost Juice releases controversial Vegemite smoothie | Foodiful

Will we be happy little Vegemites after trying this adventurous mix?

Source: Boost Juice releases controversial Vegemite smoothie | Foodiful

Vegemite Cadbury chocolate divided the nation, Vegemite ice-cream fared little better, and Vegemite Hot Cross buns made their debut at Easter earlier this year. Now, Boost Juice have leapt onto the craze of mixing the Aussie spread with something totally unexpected.

It’s time to forget about your go-to order – dare we say it, this Vegemite Boost Juice sounds intriguing. Before you tell us we’re crazy, let’s look at the facts. It contains banana, vanilla yoghurt, chocolate, and a dash of Vegemite. That’s just a little bit of salty goodness in an otherwise sweet drink – and science has proven that’s a winning combo.

So if your immediate image was Vegemite in liquid form (yuck!), it seems the flavour is a lot more subtle. Visit Foodiful for the full story!