What’s the best juicer for Celery? – Raw Blend

Don’t miss this article by Rawblend as to which juicer to use for celery Juice, and why celery juice is so good for you! I personally love celery juice, it’s super refreshing and full of goodness. If your tummy is


Healthy Lunch Box Tips and Recipes (to get more veggies into your kids lunch box)

Don’t miss this article by Georgia from Well Nourished Australia; well known author of the Well Nourished Lunch Box and Rise & Shine, the Well Nourished Breakfast Book. How often do your kids take veggies to school? I know mine


A Belly Full Of Bifido – Kultured Wellness

In this article, I want to talk a little about one of my favourite bacterial species (well… aren’t they all), bifidobacteria. It’s the most predominant bacteria in the large bowel. Researchers have identified 48 species of bifido, four of the


Well Nourished | Lacto-fermented foods (starting with dairy)

I’d go so far as to say that there isn’t a disease or illness that wouldn’t benefit from improving the health of your digestive system. If you’d like to catch up on why your digestive system is so important for


10 Things You Can Freeze in an Ice Cube Tray – Save Food Waste | Biome

This is such a great idea, I had to share it with you. Tomato paste in particular. The giant jar is nearly the same price as the tiny tins, yet I often end up buying the small tins as the


Introducing the new Greenstar Pro Juicer – Save $200 – Video

Introducing the new Greenstar Pro Juicer! This baby will juice anything; carrots, wheatgrass, pine needles, apples… And makes other delicious foods such as baby foods, nut butters and sorbets. And you’re saving $200 at the moment! Watch the video below


How to Make Liquid Compost using the Vitamix – Video – Raw Blend

Tommy from Rawblend Australia shows us how to make liquid compost in a Vitamix! This is a great way to put your left-over veggies, skins, fruit peels etc to good use in the garden. More awesome Vitamix video’s and demonstrations: How


DIY Laundry Freshener Recipe | Biome Green Cleaning

Rain has been coming down by the bucket load; the result of the tail end of a cyclone that fizzled out but created a nice big low over northern Queensland. I love the rain; everything is green, plants are growing


How to Make your Own Quark Cheese Australia

I grew up in Holland where quark is huge. Well, maybe not huge, but my favourite cake in the world is made with it. And I haven’t had Dutch quark cake since I left Holland in 2003 so in my


DIY 30 Minute Mozzarella Recipe (With Citric Acid) Cheese

Green Living Australia brings us this incredible DIY Mozzarella cheese recipe which can be made in only 30 minutes in the microwave. You can also use the hot bath method to make your own cheese, which will take a little


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