Parsley – Healing Herbs to Grow Yourself

We Let’s outline some beautiful healing herbs that are easy to grow, starting with the humblest herb of all – Parsley!   I’ve included some health benefits with each herb also; as always make sure you check with your practitioner before using any herbs for any medicinal purpose – my information


Sugar Free Frozen Coconut Daiquiri Slushie Recipe

Deliciously simple Coconut Daiquiri Slushie recipe! Best made in a high-powered blender to crush the icecubes and make it a proper slushie, but you could pour the liquid over the ice cubes if you have a smaller blender or food processor. Totally sugar-free, sweetened with Sweetleaf Stevia Liquid – Coconut


12 Best Vegetarian Burger Recipes

You can never have enough veggie burger recipes! One of my favourite things to have when hubby and kids have meat balls, rissoles or meat patties. Perfect for bbq’s too; no more missing out! Visit this link to grab all recipes – 12 delicious veggie burgers, compiled by Marley Spoon, including


Herbal Remedies vs. Convential Medicine – a Discussion

Throughout history, humans have used plants to treat all kinds of illnesses. Today, about 40% of the world’s prescription medicines come from plant extracts or synthesised plant compounds. Plant-based medicines are everywhere! Some examples would be Menthol, from Mint (Mentha), which is found, for example, in throat lozenges, muscles creams