Video Comparison – Which Vitamix Blender is Best? TNC5200 – 750 – Ascent Series

If you’ve been reading some of my posts you know that I absolutely adore my Vitamix blender. I’m pretty much in love with it. I used to have a Froothie Optimum 9400, which is also a great blender (chops anything including ice cubes with ease), but it never got smoothies or soups fully smooth. You could blend for 20 minutes and there would still be lumps. And I really don’t like lumps in smoothies; neither do the kids. 

Upgrade from Froothie Optimum to Vitamix

So after using the 9400 blender (which cost me $499) for about 5 years, I finally took the plunge and invested in a Vitamix 750 Pro Series blender. I spent days making that decision! Whilst doing all my research (I’m a research girl!), reading other people’s reviews (both in Australia and overseas) about not only the blenders but the accessories as well, I decided to write a comparison about the Vitamix blenders available in Australia at the time of my purchase.

Crazy really, there weren’t even that many different Vitamix blenders available but it still took me days. I guess it’s a big investment so you want to make sure you’re getting the best blender for your circumstances; one that suits what you want to do with it. I compared the Vitamix TNC5200, the Vitamix Pro 750, and the Vitamix Ascent Series – you can read my Vitamix comparison here.


Can’t have enough Vitamix blender comparisons

I must have read a 100 comparisons for blenders at the time, so for me this is very true. I read reviews on the blenders, as well as the smaller jugs and cups available, reviews on Vitamix’s warranty and much more. Below is a great video from Rawblend, Australia’s official Vitamix dealer. I purchased straight from Rawblend as they had some great packages (which came with smaller jug, dry jug, wet jug, dvd’s and books to get you started) available. And you’re guaranteed you’re buying the real thing, not a wannabe-Vitamix.

TNC5200, 750 Pro, Ascent 2300i, 2500i and 3500i

Rawblend has a simple video comparison (see below) between the Classic Series and the Ascent Series blenders. The classics are the Vitamix TNC5200 and the Vitamix 750 pro. The Ascent series includes the 2300i, the 2500i and the 3500.

Visit Rawblend to purchase your new Vitamix! Woohoo!

Comparison Conclusion – which Vitamix blender to buy?

If money is no issue, the video recommends the 750 pro or the Ascent 3500i. Unfortunately the 750 (which is the Vitamix I’ve got) is no longer available in Australia. A real shame as I loved that it wasn’t as technologically advanced as the Ascent series. Anything digital tends to break in my household, so I chose the more mechanical 750. The Ascents do come with 10 year warranty though, so I suppose if anything were to go wrong with your blender, Vitamix will look after you. At the time I bought my Vitamix there was a special on and I received an additional 3 years warranty on my blender.

Blender warranty

rawblend-vitamix-free-ebookThe classic series come with standard 7 years warranty. The Ascent series have an astounding 10 years warranty. As mentioned above, when I bought my 750 I got an extra 3 years, which made it 10 years as well.

Most affordable Vitamix blender

The ‘cheapest’ (and that’s a loose term, as, let’s face it, none of them are cheap) would be the Vitamix TNC5200 and the Ascent 2300i. They are the base models, and if I were to choose between those 2, it would be the 2300 Ascent. More grunt, more future possible, low profile jug – all important points for me. Plus the 10 year warranty. But you can get the TNC5200 on special for as low as $649 so definitely the most affordable. The 2300 comes in at $795. If you can spare the extra dollars, I highly recommend you buy the 2300 rather than the TNC.

Blender Jugs and accessories

The Ascent series have the most choice when it comes to extra cups, different sizes and accessories. Mind you, you’ll have to pay for all of those separately! There are not some great packages available with all the accessories and jugs:










You can get additional jugs for the classic TNC5200 and 750 as well, I have the smaller wet & dry jugs for mine and they are awesome. A morning smoothie is perfect in the smaller jug!

I hope you will find the perfect Vitamix blender for your life, and don’t hesitate to get one! From experience I can tell you, you won’t need to look past the Vitamix and regardless of which model you choose, it’s going to be mind blowingly amazing! Visit Rawblend’s website if you haven’t done so yet, it’s packed full of video demonstrations and great recipes.