Nutriforce Extractor coming soon – 50% off sale ending soon

Optimum Froothie Vortex NutriForce Extractor blender in red

NutriForce in Red

I received an email a few days ago from Francois Nassif, the general manager at Froothie Australia about the launch of their new Nutriforce Extractor blender, Optimum’s answer to the NutriBullet blender (which is currently on special at KitchenWarehouse for $169, a saving of $30.95). I’ve had a Nutriforce blender on pre-order since mid April; looks like it’s getting close now!

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Optimum Nutriforce Extractor blenders are still at 50% off, for a while longer as pre-orders will be finishing soon. The sales price is now $189, instead of $149, as the recommended retail price has gone up from $299 to $378. I questioned Froothie as to why the recommended retail price has gone up, which resulted in a fairly unsatisfactory conversation. I’ve listed it below.

Me, on the 19th of May:

Hi guys, I just noticed the RRP of the nutriforce seems to have gone up. I blog about this blender a bit and wondered what has changed the price; are there additional items included with the blender? I bought mine on pre-order for $149 (RRP $299 – 50% off sale), now pre-orders are $189 (RRP $378, still 50% off sale). Just wondering how to explain this to my readers. Thank you kindly, Elle

Reply from Froothie on the 19th of May:

The price of the NutriForce Extractor has increased due to the presale ending very soon. The discount price will be ending soon unfortunately. If you have any queries please give us a call on 1300 309 900 or continue to email us :). Kind Regards, Luke

So, continue to email I did…. My reply:

Thanks Luke, I understand that the discounted price has changed, of course that goes up as the pre-orders come to an end. What I’m wondering about is the recommended retail price, which has also increased from $299 to $378. Is the retail price going up too as the pre-orders end? If so, what is the final RRP without discount? Cheers, Elle

Optimum Froothie NutriForce Extractor cups

NutriForce Cups

No reply since the 19th of May unfortunately.

Edit! I received a reply from Luke on the 23rd of May, yay! I nearly lost a little faith in Froothie but a late reply is better than no reply. Here it is:

Hi Elle,

Although I am not certain, it does not seem the price of full retail will go up any further. Hopefully, we can try keep it on sale as long as possible as we look to be as competitive as we can! Have a great day 😊. Kind Regards, Luke

I’m still convinced this blender is going to be great, and with the 30 day money back guarantee I can’t go wrong if I don’t like it, but raising the retail price does seem a bit fishy. I guess it’s all the more reason to grab the Optimum Nutriforce Extractor now, before it goes up any further.

I’m estimating my Nutriforce Extractor will be here either the end of May or the very start of June; getting excited to give it a whirl now and review in full detail! Francois’ letter arrived on the 19th of May, which advised that the blenders would arrive Thursday next week, and to allow a further 3-4 days custom clearance. The letter from Froothie’s Francois is below, he seems really nice doesn’t he :).

  • Update: I received a shipment email on the 6th of June! A bit later than expected but still; I’m exited to receive my Optimum Nutriforce Extractor next week and do a full review on it.

Hello Elle ,

My name is Francois, General Manager at Froothie Australia. Thank you for your order of the Nutriforce and your patience so far as we experience a delay with the shipment.

I am pleased to announce that after the many delays, the sold-out shipment is finally confirmed to be arriving at our warehouse Thursday next week. We have prepared a team to ensure orders are dispatched promptly, requesting assistance with additional staff from our partner warehouses joining the team.
Kindly allow 3-4 days for customs clearance.

This date has been confirmed and is NOT subject to change 🙂

On behalf of the Froothie team, I would like to sincerely apologise for the delay. Such issues are uncommon and our Operations team is taking steps to prevent such issues from occurring in the future. I and the team am very sorry our delivery service did not meet your expectations or our own standards.

Thank you again for trusting us with your purchase and I can assure you, as per the thousands of reviews about our brand over the years, you will not be disappointed 🙂

Respectfully yours,
Francois Nassif

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