Here’s Your Best Blender Australia! [Top 15 Blenders for a Flawless Blend in 2021]

Would you like to add a blender to your health arsenal? We’ll compare 15 blenders to show you the best blender in Australia for 2021.

Choosing a blender is like picking a car – it’s all about how fast it can go and how quickly it can get there!

No one wants to be deafened by a squealing blender and no one, I mean no one, wants to sip on a smoothie that’s got weird lumps and globules of kale floating in it.

Want to skip straight to a particular section? We’ve gotcha! Here’s a table of contents:

The best blender is the one that is powerful enough to chew up whatever you throw at it without waking half the neighborhood while it’s at it.

You can’t make healthy smoothies or nut butter without a high-speed blender, and if you’re not enjoying healthy smoothies and shakes, you’re just not going to cut the mustard with the healthy-living crew.

You can do so much with a powerful blender, from making flour to grinding coffee, concocting healthy smoothies to warming soups (yes, really!) so let’s look at what makes a good high-powered blender.

How We Chose the Best Blender Australia for 2021


Remember my Nutriforce disaster? I’ll save you that trouble with this review!

Seeing as your reading this review, you’re probably trying to work out, “How do I choose a good blender?” We believe there are a few features you just shouldn’t compromise on.

Ease of use is one of them, and how easy the blender is to clean is another. You don’t want to whizz up a delectable Keto smoothie only to spend the next 30 minutes trying to rid your blender of strawberry seeds and slithers of spinach.

If you want truly smooth smoothies you need a blender with enough power that it won’t leave you chewing on lumps of kale. You probably know I love my Aibika and trust me, you need a powerful son of a gun to blend that! After all, there’s nothing smooth about a smoothie you need a knife and fork to eat!

All the blenders in our top section are blending professionals, capable of producing silky-smooth smoothies. Not all of them are quite so competent when it comes to nut butter and gluten-free flours, however.

If you’ve just started a raw food diet, it’s well worth investing in the best blender Australia, even if it means cutting out your daily cuppa while you save up to buy one.

On the other hand, for those of you simply wanting to embrace a healthier lifestyle by starting each day with a breakfast smoothie, shelling out over $1000 for a top-class blender is a little over the top.

To help you find the right blender for your needs, we’ve come up with 15 top blenders with winners in each of these categories:

Other blenders we reviewed that didn’t quite make it to “best blender Australia” include:

The Top 15 Blenders in Australia

Best All-Purpose Blender: Vitamix Explorian E310


This Vitamix blender is a professional product at an affordable price. It’s versatile and powerful, with a 2 HP motor and ball-bearing technology that means it can deliver efficient power without undue wear and tear.

The Vitamix Explorian E310 is a 10-speed blender giving you plenty of control. You can whip up smoothies on the lower speeds, reserving the higher speeds and pulse feature for chopping vegetables and creating nut butters (learn how to make ABC nut butter in your Vitamix!).

The highest speed setting is designed for soups and will heat the contents with friction while blending them to perfection.


In other words, if you’ve been wondering, “What is the best all-purpose blender?” wonder no longer – it’s the Vitamix Explorian.

It’s a little smaller than many of our other picks, coming with a 1.4L (48oz) wet container – the larger ones can accommodate up to 2L (68 oz).

Although this is perfectly suited to both wet and dry ingredients, if you do a lot of milling grain or kneading dough, you might want to invest in the optional dry container as well.

You can look at Rawblend’s packages too – they include the dry container, several books, a tamper holder, and spatulas – depending on which package you choose. The packages are a great way to save some money and get the extra container.

While bulkier than some of our other blenders, the Vitamix Explorian E310 is well-balanced so it won’t travel across the counter while in use.

At $499 (Rawblend’s price – normal price $599), this isn’t exactly a budget option, but it is excellent value for money, and you’ll end up with a professional blender having only paid the price of a personal one. It also comes with a 5-year warranty.

You can buy the Explorian at:

Best Personal Blender: Nutri Ninja Pro Blender BL450

If you ask, “What is the best personal blender Australia?” Nutri Ninja is a name that comes up a lot and for good reason. Nutri Ninja produces a range of affordable, personal, and vacuum blenders that are powerful, functional, and versatile.

The Nutri Ninja Pro Blender BL450 doesn’t pack quite the punch of some of our more powerful blenders but, with a 900-watt motor, it manages to pulverize almost anything you choose to put in it, including nuts and dried fruits.

It comes with two cups, both of which have sip and seal lids, making them perfect for those who want to blend and run. Every part of the Pro Blender is easy to clean, with most components being dishwasher safe.

While you’re unlikely to find this personal blender up to the task of creating a chunky salsa or smooth nut butter, it’s ideal for a quick morning smoothie, especially as it’s quiet enough not to wake up the entire household.

Powerful and surprisingly versatile, the Nutri Ninja Pro Blender is compact and affordable, costing just $99. That’s still a few dollars more than our best budget blender, but it shouldn’t break the bank, especially if it means you save on expensive cafe smoothies by making your own.

You can buy the Nutri Ninja Pro blender at:

Best Wireless Blender: Vitamix A2500i


This top-of-the-range Vitamix blender is powerful and intuitive.

One of the first high-performance wireless blenders to hit the shelves, the Vitamix A2500i uses the latest technology to create the most efficient blending process. The self-detect feature will recognize the size of the container you’re using and adjust the blending time accordingly.

With ten variable speeds, this blender can do pretty much everything except clean up after itself. It comes with a 2L container but has a range of other sizes available, each of which is insulated to maintain cool temperatures.


Whether you’re crazy about silky smoothies or wild for chunky salsas, with this blender you can produce any texture you want with ultimate precision.

This blender is not only the best wireless blender we found, but it also has the longest warranty, covering your blender’s performance and parts for 10 years! The best warranty we’ve found for the best blender Australia.


Unsurprisingly, the Vitamix A2500i is also one of the more expensive blenders on our list, costing $1,245 on Rawblend (or $995 with the discount available at the time of writing).

Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “What is the most expensive blender?”, well, we’ll get to that in a minute. For now, let’s focus on the Vitamix A2500i.

Is it worth it?

If you’re a raw food fanatic who is constantly blending and chopping, definitely. If you’re just starting on your smoothie journey, however, the Vitamix Explorian E310 will give you all the features and benefits you need for less than half the price.

You can buy the A2500i at:

Most User-Friendly Blender: Nutribullet RX 1700W

This high-intensity blender is easy on the pocket, easy on the eye, and easy to operate and clean.

The Nutribullet RX isn’t really a blender, however, it’s an ‘extractor’, designed to extract nutrients from all the food you put into it. That means it will handle nuts, seeds, skin, and pulp with similar efficacy.

The latest version of the Nutribullet RX comes with a heating element so you can create silky-smooth soups, as well as nut butters, smoothies, and purees. It can also grind coffee and mill grains.

Nutribullet is another blender that does virtually everything by itself. With its hands-free smart technology and pre-set functions, this nifty gadget will start and stop automatically, delivering optimal texture and nutrition regardless of what you’re making.

It’s got a little more power than your average best blender Australia, with its 2.3 HP motor, but a little less capacity with its 1.3L container. Nevertheless, it could be yours for just $228 which, for such a powerful and user-friendly appliance, is surprisingly affordable.

The only real downside of this product is the power-tool level of noise it emits when in action! Still, you can always use the money you saved on your blender to invest in earplugs for your family and neighbors!

You can buy the Nutribullet RX at:

Most Versatile Blender: Mod Blend Pro

Within this mid-range blender roars a 3.5 HP motor, making it powerful enough for a professional barista but affordable enough for the average household.

It will crush ice, grind coffee, and turn berries into baby food in seconds. It also has pre-set functions for creating mouth-wateringly delicious soups and smoothies. You certainly won’t find any lumps in your smoothies once this beast is finished with them!

The Mod Blend Pro will cost you a little more than the Nutribullet RX, but the superior power of this blender offsets that extra cost, making it excellent value for money at $399.

It looks good, packs a punch, and is easy to clean. It’s also surprisingly durable – one customer even left a spoon inside while blending and, while the stainless steel spoon didn’t survive the experience, the blender came through it in perfect condition.

You can buy the Mod Blend Pro at:

Highest Quality Blender: Vitamix Vita-Prep


Chefs around the world swear by the Vitamix Vita-Prep, as well they might. It’s exceptionally powerful and versatile, producing smooth purees and nut butters in a matter of minutes. It has a 3HP motor and variable speed control so you can achieve perfect consistency every time.

You see, I would’ve recommended the Vitamix 750 as the highest quality blender. I absolutely adore mine, it makes short work of anything I throw at it, and it came with a 10-year warranty.


The 750 is no longer available, sniff sniffle – woe us! So, the closest thing to the 750 is the Vita-Prep.

Designed for commercial use, the Vitamix Vita-Prep has a large cooling fan that means it will blend the toughest of whole-food ingredients without over-heating. It comes with a 2L (64oz) container that makes it perfect for a large family of raw food enthusiasts.


With this top-quality blender, you can chop, blend and puree to your heart’s content, never worrying about it over-heating. It’s fast, powerful, and versatile, as well it should be with a price tag of $1395!

Remember when we were discussing, “What is the most expensive blender?” Well, this is it!

Pricey for sure, but it’s not your average blender so, if you’re not the average user, it’s right up your best blender Australia street.

You can buy the Vita-Prep at:

Best for Blender for Smoothies and Soup: Optimum 9400

With a powerful 2,400W motor and high-speed blades, the Optimum 9400 can compete with the best when it comes to conjuring up green smoothies and raw soups.

For those of you wondering, “What is the best blender to make a smoothie?” this is probably it. It’s also a great soup blender, especially if you use its Hot Soup pre-set.

Hard-wearing and robust, the Optimum 9400 will outlast many cheaper products and comes with a 5-year warranty. Unfortunately, when it comes to dry foods, like raw cake mixes, nut butters, grains, or seeds, it seems to lose its enthusiasm.

The design of this blender means dry ingredients tend to paste themselves to the sides of the blender while the blades spin around in the middle, achieving nothing.

Similarly, chopping vegetables is a disappointing experience that produces little uniformity, with some huge chunks and some tiny grated flakes.

While the Optimum 9400 is a quality blender that will produce silky-smooth soups from chunky vegetables in the blink of an eye, it lacks the versatility of the Vitamix blenders, making its $849 price tag a little steep.

You can pick up a refurbished 9400 for $418 at the time of writing (normally $691). Froothie states it comes with the same warranty as a ‘new’ Optimum 9400 so this might be a cheaper way to go. Before you buy the 9400, read my review and comparison between it and Vitamix blenders. You might decide the Optimum is not quite what you’re looking for…

You can buy the Optimum 9400 at:

Quietest Blender: Kuvings SV500

This high-speed vacuum blender comes with a noise-reduction cover, making it ideal for those who enjoy a secret, late-night smoothie fix.

The vacuum technology reduces blending time and prevents oxidation, meaning you’ll get the full nutritional value of whatever you put in it.

Not only is it extremely powerful, but it’s also highly intuitive. Using artificial intelligence, this smart machine will calculate the optimum time and speed required to produce perfect results every time.

You never have to worry about it over-heating either, with its motor protection sensor and air-cooling technology.

In its vacuum mode, the Kuvings SV500 will not only preserve nutrients, but will also produce smoother sauces and soups, and less frothy smoothies. It’s extremely easy to clean and enables you to make better tasting, healthier smoothies.

If you’ve been wondering “What is the best smoothie maker?” I think we’ve found it and, if health and stealth are your main priorities, you probably won’t mind shelling out $995 for it.

You can buy the Kuvings SV500 at:

Best Budget Blender – Sunbeam Ice Breaker

If anyone ever asks you, “What is the best blender for crushing ice and making smoothies?” tell them to check out the Sunbeam Ice Breaker.

At $69, the Sunbeam Ice breaker is one of the cheapest and most reliable blenders around. Its low price is, however, reflected in its power, although its 550-watt motor is still more than capable of crushing ice and making smoothies.

It can chop, puree, and grind fairly effectively as well, although you may notice a slight mechanical smell the first few times you use it.

It’s not the best blender for dry foods and can be tricky to clean as “the rubber washer is hard to remove.”

On the plus side, it comes with a 1.25L jug, so you make smoothies for the whole family in one go, and a powerful motor that will keep your blending time to a minimum.

You’ve Seen the Best Blender Australia, Now For the Rest!

Omniblend V

Surprisingly quiet with a sleek design, the Omniblend V wheedles its way into our best blenders of 2021 by virtue of its power, automatic and manual controls, heavy-duty motor, and versatility.

The 2-liter container means it can cope with larger quantities of harder mixtures, although it is prone to leaking if you fill it to capacity.

It’s robust enough to handle a commercial environment and gets rave reviews for its ability to do everything from crushing ice to transforming granulated sugar into a fine sugar for icing cakes.

Priced at $499, the OmniBlend is a powerful mid-range blender that can deal with frozen and raw foods quickly and efficiently.

It’s not the best for milling or grinding, however, which you would expect it to be given that it’s over double the price of the most user-friendly blender and just $100 less than the best all-rounder. It’s still a good option, though, especially for those wanting to blend larger quantities.

Buy it at:

Tribest Personal Blender

This compact blender will take up less than five inches on your countertop, making it perfect for studio apartments and tiny kitchens. It’s also extremely convenient as it comes with an adapting ring that enables you to blend in any standard-size mason jar, cutting down on the cleaning up.

The Tribest personal blender also comes with a cooling fan that will protect the motor, helping it to work more efficiently and last longer. The one-touch pulse button gives you complete control over the blending process so you can produce the desired consistency every time.

Its 200-watt motor won’t produce anywhere near the power of our top picks but is ample for those who only want to start their day a healthier way.

On the downside, the Tribest is only really suitable for simple blends, like smoothies, soups, sauces, and dips so, if you’re looking for a blender that can make nut butters and ice cream, you should look elsewhere.

Price-wise, the Tribest is affordable but doesn’t offer the same value for money as the Mod Blend Pro, which at $50 more, is a more robust and versatile device.

Buy it at:

Optimum 9200

The Optimum 9200 is a little more powerful than the 9400, making it suitable for both commercial and domestic uses. It comes with just one jug – a 2L multi-purpose one that is as effective with dry ingredients as it is wet.

This sturdy blender is quieter than some of the other models we’ve looked at and more versatile. It can make nut butter as smooth as those you find on the shelf in your local health shop, as well as excellent ice creams, soups, and sauces.

With a variety of blades, you can create the exact consistency you’re after, and you won’t have to worry too much about cleaning up afterward – just add a drop of soap and some water, let the blender run on its highest setting for a few seconds, and it’s all done.

Although it didn’t quite make the grade, the Optimum 9200 is one of the best, most user-friendly, and versatile blenders on the market. Its slightly higher price, of around $400 to $450, depending on where you make your purchase, is the only reason it didn’t win a category. Nevertheless, it remains, without doubt, one of the best blenders of 2021.

Buy it at:

Sunbeam PB9000 High-Performance Power Blender

A great blender for the price of $449, the Sunbeam PB9000 has a 1500-watt motor that makes it powerful enough to munch its way through ice and frozen fruit.

It comes with 3 pre-set functions for soups, smoothies, and dips or spreads. It also has a manual speed dial, so you can take over the reins whenever you want to.

The pulse function is ideal for crushing biscuits, chopping nuts, and making breadcrumbs. It also makes cleaning this appliance a short and painless experience.

Being both easy to use and easy to clean means it could inspire you to be increasingly creative in your approach to healthy living – conjuring up cream-free but deliciously creamy soups and yogurts.

On the downside, it makes enough noise to drown out the loudest of jackhammers and pneumatic drills, so you’ll need to be sensitive about when you use it!

Optimum Nutriforce Extractor

This compact blender is surprisingly versatile, blending anything from nuts and seeds to pestos and sauces. Weighing just 3.4kg, it’s small enough to take on holiday but powerful enough to do the jobs you need doing.

With a range of blades, the Optimum Nutriforce Extractor can grind coffee beans, blend frozen fruits and ice cubes, and make you a decent green smoothie to boot.

It comes with two travel lids so you can make yourself breakfast-to-go and not worry about it spilling everywhere.

With a price tag of just under $200, it’s also reasonably priced.

The trouble is, this blender is prone to over-heating and will automatically switch itself off to protect the motor. If your smoothie isn’t smooth by that time, you’ll have to wait while it cools down before you can carry on the blending process.

Before you buy a Nutriforce, read my review (and watch my videos) first. I ended up sending mine back after struggling through the creation of an iced coffee frappe… Man, what a disaster!

It’s good but not as good as a Vitamix!

Kmart 1.5l Stainless Steel Blender


If you thought our best budget blender was cheap, think again. This little beauty could be yours for just $39, giving you a clear answer to the question: What is a good, inexpensive blender?

It’s solid enough that it won’t move around, no matter what you’re blending, and powerful enough that it will make short work of even the toughest of vegetables.

Unfortunately, taking it apart to clean effectively can also be pretty tough, but overall, its design and materials are of good quality, making it great value for money.

What’s Your Favourite Blender Australia?

The best blenders in Australia are also some of the best in the world, combining power with precision so you can create a wide range of delicious yet healthy snacks, meals, and beverages.

We recommend looking for a multi-purpose blender for the simple reason that, once it’s sitting on your kitchen counter, it will inspire you to try all sorts of blending that you’d never considered before. If your blender can mill grains, wouldn’t you make flour? If it kneaded the dough for you, wouldn’t you start making your own bread?

If that doesn’t convince you, check out this vegan cherry tart, made in a Vitamix – I mean, YUM!

Noisy blenders that overheat before your smoothie is truly smooth will add stress to your life, offsetting the benefits of those smoothies anyway. That’s why we recommend Vitamix blenders above and beyond all else.

With a sleek design, powerful motor, and wide range of speed settings, the Vitamix Explorian E310 will help you blend in with the healthy crowd while resisting the urge to shuffle across the counter while it’s at it.

Give yourself a smooth transition into 2021 and embrace a healthier lifestyle while you’re at it. All you need is the best blender Australia and a little creativity!